After way too many years of saying “One day I hope to travel with Damian”, a change in circumstances and a slight shift in mindset, and we are on the road. Travel doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive trips abroad when we have a beautiful country of our own to explore. It also doesn’t have to cost a lot, as we are hoping to prove on our tiny budget.

Damian, my very own Warrior on Wheels, has a sense of adventure that matches my own, and regardless of the challenges of being wheelchair bound we are both always eager to take up new challenges, explore new places and absorb all the adventure we can find.

So here we are… travelling from Cape Town to East London, and the Midlands – and stopping wherever we can along the way. Wheelchair, bicycle, buggy and all… Two wanderers loving every minute.

Why the bicycle and buggy?
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Horse Riding @ Petes  2014-01-13 08.51.04


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