A  young warrior is sent to Earth to begin life as a new born baby. He has been sent on a challenging mission…
He will be disabled and unable to speak and will need to use a wheelchair to explore the world. His challenge is to live among his own kind without the abilities they take for granted and to find his place in the world where his unique abilities will be appreciated.
There will be many villains who will try and stop his mission and just as many mischief-causing goblins. But for each goblin, there will be a fairy who will bring the gift he needs to overcome a particular challenge along his journey and he will need to use these gifts to find his treasures.
Adventure is around every corner…

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The story before the story:

I wrote this story for my son, Damian, for his 13th birthday as a way to teach him about his life, his challenges and the things I hope he learns through them. Damian is quadriplegic and wheelchair bound.

I wrote it in such a way that while he is still young it would hopefully be an enjoyable adventure story and later, as he grows and understands more, a collection of my ideas about life that as his mother I hope to teach him.

Although the main character is based on Damian and his life experiences, I wanted him to relate to the character rather than see it as a story about himself and so I used the meaning of his name as the character’s name. I used the animals that have been a part of his life to try and draw his attention to a particular time of his life and hopefully conjure happy memories and give faces and an emotional connection to the characters whose adventures he is following.

The adventures themselves were based on events although not all of them. In some instances I tried to reflect the way I would have liked things to be and aim towards as we grow together.

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Harvesting AcornsChloe is a disillusioned journalist who gives up her career and her hometown, gets in her car and just drives to wherever life takes her. She finds herself in a quaint village whose history captivates her from the moment she arrives. From her café breakfast nook, she sees a little boy every morning sitting on a cooler box, staring up into the branches of a tree in the park across the road. When curiosity gets the better of her, Chloe meets the wise-beyond-his-eight-years James and slowly is drawn into his world of hope and dreams that began two generations ago with the single acorn that grew this giant oak. Together Chloe and James plan to spread that hope and together their own dreams are renewed. Beneath this proud oak love blossoms, friendships bloom and a little girl is given a second chance at life…

Available for Kindle and in print on Harvesting Acorns


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