Daily Diary

Day 11 | Working and Unwinding

We woke up to Syrrah, the border collie, opening our bedroom door. Before I had completely registered, there was a massive Great Dane, Sven, wiggling his way between Damian and me on our bed. There was nothing else to do to resolve the situation than decide it was time to get up after all. We joined Trevor for breakfast, and then Mondays, as usual, are work days, so I spent the morning working un...
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Day 10 | Travelling through the Transkei

We left the farm at 7:30 and after putting petrol in the car it was 8:00 by the time we were on the road. With all the roadworks on the N2 it was a little challenging leaving East London. I took the East Coast road but the turnoff to the N2 before the Gonubie Farmers' Hall was closed and I had to turn around. Fortunately I remembered that the East Coast Resorts road winds up to the N2 instead of g...
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Day 9 | An Equestrian Yard, Game Viewing and My Old Playground

We spent our last day in East London with my sister, Emily, and her children, Kayla and Riley, at the equestrian yard where she keeps one of her horses, Savonnah. After watching her ride, we planned to walk down to the dam and picnic. However, as only things can be when it comes to me and cars, one of the grooms noticed that the underside of my car was hanging on the ground. Realising this was obv...
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Day 4 | Family Antics

Monday and Tuesdays are my busy work days, so we stayed home. Damian was happy to have the company of his granny and cousins while I was busy. Watching movies, jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the tyre swing were all great fun, but I think Damian's highlight was something he has been wanting to do for a long time... towing his cousins on their skateboard behind his motorised wheelchair. ...
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Day 3 | New Friends and a Car Incident

Sleeping in a dorm with around ten strangers was a new experience, but went off better than I admit I anticipated. We were the first to go to sleep last night, and I probably heard only the next two come through. The beds were narrower than single beds, and as I was sharing with Damian, I was conscious of not pushing him out of the bed. Turning and swapping sides also proved a little noisy with a ...
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Day 1 | A Day with the Faeries

Deirdre Featured Image
We are on the road... I got up early and started my work at 6 am and was done by 8:45. By the time we were dressed and packed, and had filled the car, we were on the road at 10:30.  Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, everything was bright. We drove along Melkbos beach to say goodbye, and to our mountain as well. Going up Sir Lowry's a truck stalled in front of us and we, and others ...
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