Kwazulu Natal

Nottingham Road | Lavender Trout Bistro

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A lovely family restaurant to enjoy a sunny day, Lavender Trout  is set in a beautiful patch of farmland. The first welcoming faces are those of the goats standing high atop their climbing post, as well as some roaming chickens and geese. Crossing a small stream the pathway leads to the outdoor dining area of the restaurant, equipped with wooden bench tables and with a view of a placid dam. A wan...
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Day 14 | A Day Trip to Durban

Deirdre Damian Anton
Trevor was going into Durban to do deliveries so offered to take us with and drop us off at Ushaka Marine World, much to Damian's delight. Damian's wheelchair also wouldn't charge yesterday, so after trying numerous things, Trevor taking the battery to have it checked, and being on the phone to the suppliers, Trevor arranged to take the charger in to a place in Durban to be checked. We can't have ...
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Durban | Ushaka Marine World

Ushaka is an absolute delight to keep kids amused for hours. We only had a few hours so didn't get to visit the water park, but could have spent much more time in the Aquarium as well. Being school holidays it was really busy, so often we had to wait our turn to look at the tanks. Wheelchair accessible throughout, we managed with Damian's buggy easily. At the dolphin and seal shows, prams aren't ...
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Lion’s River | The Candle Dipping Shop

This lovely little shop has the potential to keep children amused for ages with it's candle dipping and painting and sand art offerings. With a wide selection of candles to choose from, ranging in price from R9 up to over R60 depending on size, kids can choose butterflies, cats, boats, cars and much more. Once a selection has been made, it costs R4 extra to dip and paint. Beginning with light col...
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Day 12 | Farm Stalls, Reminiscing with Madiba and Chilli Chocolate

For a Tuesday, I didn’t have much work, so we got to go exploring a little further afield today for the first time. Our first stop was Piggly Wiggly, where my brother, Trevor, has a wine shop – Meander Fine Wines. We spent some time looking around at all the centre has to offer, and Damian playing on the jungle gyms before deciding we would come back with Damian’s wheelchair so he can try his hand...
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Lion’s River | Belgian Chocolate Shop

"If there isn't chocolate in heaven, I ain't going" - I don't know who said this, but I'm sure they'd find solace at Florentine's. With chocolate in every imaginable form for someone as indecisive as I am, it is almost hellish having to choose - budget in mind! I had been given a dark chilli truffle on a visit here a few years ago, so of course that was a definite - now for the rest. Damian chose...
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Lion’s River | Nelson Mandela Capture Site

I consider it a serendipitous stroke of favour that we found ourselves at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site Apartheid Museum today. At this significant time in our Tata’s life, it was fitting to walk this path today and acknowledge his struggle and journey. It wasn’t a planned visit, but most definitely a moving one. Driving from Lidgetton towards Midmar, the actual capture site is on the right hand...
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Lion’s River | Piggly Wiggly Centre

Piggly Wiggly Centre is home to a variety of speciality shops with an assortment of enticing products and treats. The shops encircle a playground and miniature golf course - entertainment for the kiddies while mom and dad shop or enjoy a bite to eat. Shops include: Midlands Fine Wines offering wine sales and tasting of wines from Natal and the Cape, and an alfresco dining area with platters to c...
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