Once a Year, Go Someplace You’ve Never Been

There is something to be said for going places you’ve never been. There is the anticipation of wondering what you will find, the curiosity in learning more about the differences between where you come from and where you’re going, and the joy in finding commonalities and that in some ways everything is connected. Exploring new places and experiencing different ways of life doesn’t need to involv...
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Exchanging Stilettos for Gumboots

During the December holidays I grew increasingly panicked at the thought of going back to a job I didn’t enjoy in the new year. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my colleagues and my bosses and my working conditions were really good, I had just been in an industry that held no meaning for me for too long. Sixteen years too long. I often worked late and also often under a lot of pressure. Though I...
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Day 2 | Wild Spirits

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As we had gone to sleep, so we woke up... to the sound of the ocean. We both had a wonderful and comfortable night's rest. Last night I wrote my name on the board for our breakfast order, the choice being omelettes or muesli and yoghurt. Breakfast was served at a table out on the lawn in the sun. A beautiful, sunny start to our day. For R35 I was very impressed with the breakfast, which Damian and...
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The Planning Stage

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We know we want to travel and we have big ideas of where we want to go. My first impulse is just to pack the car and head out on our adventure... but there are two things call 'responsibility' and 'budget' tugging on the reins. My responsibility to the work I will still need to be doing during our travels, which needs consideration. I will need a base for Monday to Wednesday each week so that I ha...
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My Argus Experience

My Argus journey began with an impulsive decision to join the Chaeli Riders in raising awareness for the Chaeli Campaign and to raise funds for a motorised wheelchair for Damian. That was towards the end of October 2011. I had been urged a number of times to get in touch with the Chaeli Campaign, and with Damian's 13th birthday approaching, I thought perhaps it was time to make contact and get ide...
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